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A Rainy Day Adventure Using CrafTreat Stencils

A Rainy Day Adventure Using CrafTreat Stencils

CrafTreat Tribal Stencil style is an example of creating art or patterns inspired by tribes and their ethnic traditions via stencils. 

The rains are creating an enjoyable environment for either a quick weekend adventure to nature or resting at home with tea/coffee and some yummy hot junk snacks.

In this rainy season, how about stenciling at home with your family or friends using CrafTreat Stencils?


Yes, flip flops are the most comfortable footwear during this season, so choose a pattern from the CrafTreat Stencil collection, as well as the shade of chalk paints from the Home Decor collection that would look best with the flip flop straps.

Position the CrafTreat Tribal Stencil with washi tape where you want the design and wipe it with a foam applicator. After the paint is dry out, cover it with CrafTreat Varnish to make it waterproof, and you have an entirely original pair of flip flops in minutes!!!


Every girl has her own unique style statement which is never out of date. As a result, utilizing black fabric color and the Craftreat Tribal stencil, you can able to give a bit of color to a simple and very plain scarf.

Hope that you enjoy the ideas and want to project the wide variety of stencil designs in CrafTreat for not just transforming accessories but also home decor items like trays/coasters or flowering pots, etc...With these designs, the options are limitless.


CrafTreat offers you a huge variety of Stencil Design online, and make use of first purchase coupon code "WELCOME10" at check-out page.


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