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To purchase CrafTreat products for Indian customers, visit WWW.THECRAFTSHOP.IN
Visit THECRAFTSHOP to purchase CrafTreat products for Indian Customers

Stencil Collections - Art Designs & Patterns



CrafTreat Stencil - Home of Your Stencil Collections! Offers wide range of premium quality Art& Craft Stencil for Cards, Scrapbooks, Home Decor, Mixed media and more.

CrafTreat Versatile stencils are available in various variants to choose from like 6x6, 12x12, 3x12, A4 and 4x8 stencils each dimensions can be utilized for diverse multi surface applications like cards, Scrapbooks, Wood, floor, furniture, cakes, Mixed Media, Home Décor, canvas art, Fabric, Jewellery, gift wrapping etc...,

Looking to dive into Stencil DIY projects?

CraftTreat is your one stop destination for all your stenciling needs.

Save time and money, stress buster, Bring out your creative talent, paint like a pro.  Choose from over 1000+ designs which includes our most popular Stencil designs like Mandala Stencil, Background Stencil, Indian Stencil, Floral Stencil, Geometric Stencil, Quotes, Tribal, Mixed Media Stencil, Home Decor Stencil and much more. 


                          Frequently Asked Questions


1) How do I prepare my surface for stenciling with Craftreat stencils?

Before you start stenciling with Craftreat stencils, ensure your surface is clean and dry. Depending on the project, you may want to sand, prime, or paint the surface in your desired base color. This will provide a smooth and even canvas for your stenciling.

2) What's the best way to apply paint when using Craftreat stencils?

Load your stencil brush or sponge halfway with paint, then dab the extra paint onto a paper cloth. Instead of brushing the paint on, use a dabbing or stippling technique. This guarantees crisp lines and stops paint from seeping under the stencil. For a gradient effect, you can use multiple colors or shading techniques.

3) How do I clean Craftreat stencils after use?

After using a Craftreat stencil, clean it immediately with warm, soapy water and a gentle brush or sponge, being careful not to mess up the details. Use a clean towel to pat them dry.


              Background Stencil  Home Decor Stencil  Mandala Painting Stencil
               Mixed Media stencil  Merry Christmas Stencil   Flower Stencil
             Indian Stencil   Geometric pattern stenciBorder Stencil Templates

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